About Madison Taylor

Born and raised in North Jersey where the sloping highlands and valleys intertwine, Madison Taylor's love of the outdoors blended with her romantic songwriting to produce her first EP "Evergreen." While attending Liberty University's School of Music, she worked with Corey Pavlosky at Pipe Dream Studios in Williamsburg to record her six original songs. Her songwriting is influenced by the mysticism of Celtic art, the raw honesty of old country music, and the emphasis on emotion and nature that is indicative of the Romantic Era.  William Wordsworth once said that poetry should begin as "the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings" which the poet then "recollects in tranquility." Madison Taylor has the same outlook toward her musical poetry. To date, she has built up a following of fans through her EP release in 2020 and music video releases in 2021. As she continues the songwriting process for her next EP, she plans on working with Pipe Dream Studios once again and is excited for what the future holds.