Evergreen EP

Midnight Riot Magazine

"Listening to her music evokes a calming sense of being surrounded by nature, making it clear that Taylor has a strong and deep connection to the natural world. The idyllic poetic essence of her music sets Taylor up for a promising future as a songwriter."

Fame Magazine Global 

"We all experience sad affairs of the heart, but not everyone can so eloquently share that story like singer/songwriter, Madison Taylor. Her voice is light and clear like water, washing away all thoughts and stresses with her simple acoustic music and vocal harmonies."

 The Liberty Champion

"Evergreen features strong vocals with an enchanting soundtrack, which includes guitar, piano, violin and cello. The imagery of her lyrics, many inspired by nostalgia and matters of the heart, move the listener to feel the emotion she seeks to convey in each note."

Evergreen: CD
  • Evergreen: CD
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Madison Taylor’s love of the outdoors blended with her romantic songwriting to produce her debut "Evergreen" EP featuring six original songs. William Wordsworth once said that poetry should begin as "the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings" which the poet then "recollects in tranquility.” Madison Taylor has the same outlook toward her musical poetry. 

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